Vegan Health

You've probably heard that a being vegan is healthy. Maybe you are feeling inspired to try eating a vegan diet.

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Vegan Lifetyle

Every year more and more people are making the decision to go vegan, and for good reason! There are so many amazing ways veganism can improve your life

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Vegan Cooking

Learn vegan cooking at with The Organic Personal Chef in Sarasota. 

Cooking Classes are taught by Chef Vanda, accomplished vegan  chef.

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Sarasota Personal Chef

So you like to cook vegan meals for your family but hate the meal planning, the shopping, and preparing on top of an already full day. People just like you are turning to The Organic Personal Chef for their healthy vegan meals.

Chef Vanda is The Organic Personal Chef and after twenty years as Long Island's finest personal, she's bringing families to the table to eat delicious vegan meals to the greater Sarasota area.

Convenient - it's great to come home from a long day and not have to start the dinner chore. By filling the simple heating instructions, your dinner is done in minutes and tastes great.

Save Money - gone are the days of buying groceries that go bad before you even use them

Variety - every week, you choose from a seasonal list of entrees to keep your tastebuds thrilled.

Value - how much is your time worth? Suddenly, time spent shopping, planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning is yours to do more important or more fun things.

The Organic Personal Chef is for busy families and individuals that lead an active, busy life but still want to enjoy healthy vegan meals.

Chef Vanda in Sarasota

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